Ray's prices for Artwork on commission

Prices for 'Artwork' are based on the 'number of 'subjects' not the size of the artwork , which depends on whether you want, "Heads only" or the "Whole animal" etc, see estimate prices below under artwork only. 

Printing & framing  prices are charged separately depending on the size of the artwork you choose which are available in a range of sizes, set out below under printing & framing.


Please ensure your photos are clear and well focussed, and it's always best to supply several so Ray can capture their true expressions and posture. 

Artwork only:

Aproximate prices only:


1 head:                                                        $125 - $135

2 heads - 1 whole animal                           $225 - $250                     

2 full animals +                                           $400 - $550

For Printing & Framing ( above the artwork price )

             A3 Sizes 42 x 30cm - Print only $12.00 with frame  $42.00

            Med.size 67 x 45cm - Print only $46.00 with frame $86.00

            Large size 74 x 45cm - Print only $50.00 with frame $100.00 

 These prices are only estimates, for a more accurate price, please contact me on 021 562 548 or email:  studio@beyondthetarseal.co.nz