Ray's prices for Artwork on commission

Prices for 'Artwork' is based on the 'number of subjects' not size , for example, 'Heads only', or the  'Whole animal's, the size of the artwork will depend on the "Printing Size you choose under "Printing & framing..  

Printing & framing are charged separately ,depending on the size of the artwork is printed & framing.  You can choose from the range of options available, under "Print fabrication  button below".


Please ensure your photos are clear and well focussed, and it's always best to supply several so Ray can capture their true expressions and posture. 

Artwork only:

Estimate prices only:


1 head:                               $125 - $135

2 heads                              $225 - $250

1 full animal:                       $325 - $350

2 full animals                      $400 - $550

 For a more accurate quote, please contact me on 021 562 548 or email:  studio@beyondthetarseal.co.nz

Printing & Mounts
( for details on print & framing prices 
please -click on the 'Print fabrication
button' below,)