Ray's digital prints - sizes & prices -

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All of Ray's artworks on display are digitally printed at high resolution in 'Limited edition'

with no more than 50 prints taken from anyone series and printed

at a high resolution o300dpi) and available in a range of sizes & prices,

from A4 & A3 unframed prints to Economy medium & large sizes

which include black wooden frames, Press 'Print fabrication button'.


 (All prices listed below 'include artwork' and are only estimates, depending the number of subjects).


 A4  & A3 Prints:  are printed on 300 gram card at A4 sizes, 29.7cm x 21cm,

with or without black boarders, proportionally sized to fit A4 frames - Price: $10.00

A3 size, 41cm x 25cm (no black border)  price: $15.00.


Economy, prints are all sized to

include black wooden frames.

 Landscape: 42cm x 30cm Portrait: 42cm x 33cm -

Prices range from $50 -  $65 


Medium & Large prints  including black wooden frames 


Medium:  Landscape  - 66cm x 37mm -Portrait 66cm x 43cm 

Both Priced from- $200  -  $250


Large sizes: Landscape 78cm x 41cm Priced from $250  -  $350

Extra large landscape:  , size: 94cm x 41cm 

 Price:  $275 to $345


    Packaging & freight not included.