Horse & Animal Artist: Ray Erridge

From an article posted in the  Horse & Pony Magazine dated March 2018 under the title "Art for Art's Sake" by journalist & photographer Annie Studholme."


A childhood love of art and the majestic Clydesdale are the driving force behind 81 year- old Canterbury artist Ray Erridge". 

From as early as he can remember Ray always had a pencil in his hand. He loved art, but when he was growing up in Christchurch in the 1940's, making a full-time career out of being an artist was almost unthinkable.

After getting married and spending a number of years working in the Rural sector and in Production plants in Canterbury, Ray decided to reconsider making a living as an artist, It was by then in the early 1990's at that time when home computers were just beginning to take off.


After much deliberation and a one day 'crash course' Ray set himself up with a Wacom tablet, Apple Mac computer and Corel Painter software, which was the latest in digital illustration at the time, using a stylus pen to translate strokes from the tablet to the computer screen without sacrificing 

precision, control or artistic integrity .


To begin with he focused on creating witty caricatures, cartoons and logos for commercial clients, but as time went on Ray started exploring different avenues, believing it was important to become well-known for a particular style and technique, he decided to focus on the wonderful Clydesdales 

which have proved to be most popular with a lot of people in New Zealand and Australia.  

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